Third-Time Lucky?

James’ third driving test was going well.

He’d answered every question correctly, driven well and followed the instructor’s requests to the letter.

As they headed back to the test centre, they approached a small intersection with a garden bed as a roundabout

‘Which way?’ asked James.

‘Straight across, please.’

The Big Day

Ben rose early and read his cards and messages. 

After his favourite breakfast, he took a short stroll—chatting to neighbours along the way.

When he sat down, there was a flurry of activity. 

A switch was flicked. 

And Ben was executed.

Getting One Across

Larry loved cryptic crosswords.

In his local café, he’d insist on using clues to order—which infuriated the staff.

One day, after he asked for ‘gegs (9,4)’, a waitress brought him his scrambled eggs.

And said, “I’ve got one for you, Larry: Postman’s mailbag.”

“Great," replied Larry. "How many letters?”

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