Mary's Regular

When the coast was clear, Joe went into the brothel.

‘Hello young man,’ said the receptionist. ‘Here for Mary?’’

Joe nodded.

‘She’s expecting you. Room 6.’

‘Thanks,’ said Joe,

Inside Room 6, Mary was sat on the bed, buttoning up her blouse.

‘Hi Joe,’ said Mary.

‘Hi Mum,’ replied Joe.

Rich Pickings

Every day after work, Pete pushed a wheelbarrow home. 

The factory guard always checked to see what was in it—but only ever found sawdust.

“It’s good for the compost,” Pete would say.

The guard always apologised, ”You can’t be too careful these days.”

“I know,” Pete would think. ”Especially with wheelbarrows!”

A Lost Weekend

Max was in heaven.

Eating junk food, sleeping all day, hanging out with pimps and drug dealers…

Until the police finally caught up with him.

And escorted him straight back to where he belonged.

At home.

In his kennel.
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